John Montgomery
Grade to Black Belt 1973
Supeenes Karate School
Grand Champion
Kumite & Kata
Edmonton Karate instruction since 1976 

Terwillegar Genbukai Karate
of Edmonton Commonwealth Karate-do

The development of a student's positive character through perseverance and attainable successes that reflect into their personal lives.


  • Since 1969, Sensei John Montgomery, has trained & competed in traditional and open karate tournaments. He is also a Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo (traditional weapons).
  • With over four decades of experience he has insight into correct technical training.
  • Students will develop quality and effective techniques right from the start of training.
  • It is difficult to undo poor technique if not taught correctly from the start.
  • He has been involved with training and development of 3 generation of black belts.
  • Competed in many tournaments in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and California.
  • 1991 he was the first Grand Champion of the Canada Demura Cup - 1st in kumite.
  • Also in 1991, he won gold medal in Black Belt Kata Interdojo California Tournament.
  • He is one of the senior instructors, judge, and referee of Genbukai Canada.
  • Myles Montgomery BSc is also a black belt and head instructor with over 15 years of experience. He has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geo-physics from the University of Alberta.
  • Children develop leadership skills within a positive and supportive peer group.
  • Children are enabled to turn away from negative peer pressure, and acts of intimidation or aggression.
Sensei John Montgomery, has trained in traditional karate since 1969. He received shodan (1st dan) in 1973 and then nidan (2nd dan) ranking in 1975 under Robert Supeene Sr. in the Chito-ryu system .  In 1976, Sensei John Montgomery started his own dojo offering traditional Karate instruction. As a side note, John Montgomery won a welterweight Silver Medal in boxing at the 1978 Alberta winter games (His other son, Michael Montgomery, is a national amateur boxing champion and Olympic boxing team member). In 1981, the karate club moved to commonwealth recreation center and thereafter named Edmonton Commonwealth karate-do.  In 1987 the club was invited to join the Shito-Ryu Genbukai Karate-Do organization under world renown karate master Shihan Fumio Demura 9th dan (degree). He is also a Ryukyu Kobudo (traditional weapons) master, as well, holding black belt ranking in other Japanese martial arts . Shihan Demura, who is the charismatic leader and founder of Genbukai International , has gained worldwide reputation. He has been sought after by various karate  member organizations in over 128 countries because of his impressive mastery and knowledge of traditional karate. He has been recognized for his dedication in various martial arts publications Such as Black Belt and Masters to name a few. And,  for many charitable and community contributions through his teachings and demonstrations.

 Because of his personable and humble persona, he has been
cast in movies such as the original Karate Kid (stunt double for the late Pat Morita - Mr. Miyagi) and Rising Sun with Sean Connery as a Yakuza gang member to name just a few.  He has been in television shows and and numerous seminars including Police training seminars. His impressive resume can be viewed on the Genbukai International web site(link above). Master Demura is the karate ambassador of good will and asserts the students development of character through the five Genbukai's Dojo Kuns. They are five precepts as listed in red at the bottom of each page on this site. It is a guide for students regarding conduct of respect, discipline, moral character, courtesy, and appreciation towards development of strong character in their daily lives.

Edmonton Commonwealth Karate-Do is a member of the Genbukai Canada under the direction of Sensei Cameron Steuart ( He ensures the correctness and quality of technique meets Shihan Demura's standards. Under his direction, the membership has grown to over 1500 students from Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

During the parts of the 1980's, Sensei Montgomery was one of the founders and president of the Edmonton Karate-do Association (EKDA) whose members were traditional Karate organizations. They included Uechi Ryu, Shotokan ISKF, Wado Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Shito Ryu, and JSK Chito ryu. The successful mandate of the organization conducted referee seminars, developed a comprehensive rule book and to hosted EKDA invitational tournaments twice a year.

  • That you must be in good shape to start. We ensure that anyone who begins karate-do is monitored carefully and that the student of any age progresses at their own rate.
  • That you only learn how to fight. While karate students learn how to move, punch, kick and block, the karateka also learns self defense, self control, confidence through being assertive instead of aggressive and experience the peace of Zen in karate-do.
  • That you should have good flexibility. Karate training is conducive to all levels of flexibility, however, during the course of training, one does improve their flexibility and coordination.
Shihan Demura says, "Training is like boiling water where sustained training easily  keeps it boiling, once the training slows down or stops, the water cools. To regain the training, a great deal of energy and effort is required to reheat the water before it can boil again." The boiling water not only refers to the skill training but includes the development of  the mind, body, and spirit connection. However, those who for whatever their reason, discontinue their karate-do training, never forget their holistic experiences in karate-do.

We welcome inquiries from other groups who wish to join and adopt the way of the Genbukai worldwide organization. We have respect  for anyone who trains diligently in their martial arts.  Should those groups be interested  are encouraged to contact John Montgomery through this website for more information.

"Be Courteous in your manner"
Hitotsu...Rei setsu o omon zuru koto